What are RightPatch topical patches? 

RightPatch topical patches are safe, laboratory tested, high quality 2"x2" topical adhesive squares, with plant-based ingredients on the sticky surface that adhere to the skin, utilizing time-release technology, 

Who should use the RightPatch?

Adults seeking relief and a safe choice to add to their wellness routine should try the RightPatch. Please follow a health care professional's advice if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any other conditions which might increase sensitivity to any of the ingredients in the RightPatch. RightPatch is not recommended for use by children.

How do I apply a RightPatch? 

One RightPatch at a time should be peeled and applied to a clean, bare area of the skin which could include bicep, shoulder, rib, or the wrist. Application sites for each RightPatch should be rotated for optimal effectiveness. The RightPatch is not waterproof, nor does it need to be placed in proximity to the area of the body needing relief.  

when do i put on a RightPatch?

Frequency of use should be determined on an individual basis with your wellness team. Each RightPatch can be cut to a size that works best for you based on your usage preference. All of the ingredients in the RightPatch are of the purest quality, and are safe for topical use. 

How do I request a RightPatch for my wellness routine? 

RightPatch is a social life sciences company that believes that innovation can come from anywhere. If you don't see a patch you want us to add to our patch lineup, send us feedback and requests to patchme@rightpatch.com. Our Research and Development team is passionate about bringing you innovative solutions for your wellness routine.

Where can I purchase RightPatch? 

RightPatch products are available for purchase in Arizona. Click here for a list of dispensaries that currently sell our patches. 

Join our mailing list at patchme@rightpatch.com for additional updates regarding the RightPatch coming to your area. 

How do I become a RightPatch Partner? 

Licensed operators in states or countries with legal frameworks that support and regulate cannabis and/or hemp, please email partner@rightpatch.com for more details about RightPatch Partner Programs.